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Estate Planning

Attorney Brock Benson has several years’ experience assisting individuals and families with the process of organizing their personal and financial affairs to ensure a smooth transition of their assets to their desired beneficiaries upon death. A proper Estate Plan involves a series of written documents, most often including a Last Will and Testament or perhaps one or more Revocable or Irrevocable Living Trusts, that reflect how you wish to own, manage and preserve assets during your lifetime, and how you wish to distribute such assets upon your death. While many attorneys can prepare a simple Will or help fill out form documents, many clients have more complex estate planning needs due to factors such as second marriages, the size or nature of estate property, a desire for privacy, the presence of minor children in the home, the need to protect family assets from immature beneficiaries, or the need to protect immature beneficiaries from themselves. As a seasoned estate planning attorney, you can be assured that Mr. Benson has the experience to craft a personalized estate plan that expresses your estate planning wishes and ensures an orderly transition of assets to your heirs and beneficiaries.

Unfortunately, many people believe that only those with a substantial amount of money or property, or only elderly individuals, need an Estate Plan. As a matter of fact, if you live in the State of Texas and die without a Will, you have an Estate Plan as determined in accordance with the laws of the state—but in many cases, the state laws regarding disposition of property differ substantially from clients’ individual desires. If you want to ensure that your property passes in the manner you desire, you need to contact the Law Office of Brock Benson to set up your estate planning appointment today.

The legal scope of estate planning is broad, and includes not only Wills and other transitional documents, but also medical and financial powers of attorney and other documents necessary to protect individuals and their assets during their lifetime. Mr. Benson routinely assists clients with making a plan to handle their affairs in the event they later become incapacitated or have other special needs. In addition, Mr. Benson regularly helps clients whose loved ones have become incapacitated and need assistance managing their affairs. Individuals who delay meeting with a qualified estate planning attorney to get their affairs in order are taking a chance that they will become incapacitated without proper care documents in place, or will die leaving their family and loved ones in great financial distress.

Estate Planning is a deeply personal process, and Mr. Benson’s care for and interest in his clients’ needs is expressed through the personal attention given to each representation. When you make an estate planning appointment with the Law Office of Brock Benson, you will meet directly with Mr. Benson and will have an opportunity to discuss your personal estate planning needs with the attorney who will be responsible for creating your estate plan.