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Whether you are starting a new business, buying or selling a piece of property, entering into a new partnership, hiring a new contract employee or service provider, or considering a new employment agreement, chances are high that your new relationship will be governed by a written agreement. In fact, if you want your interests to be protected, you should insist upon a written agreement. Mr. Benson has vast experience negotiating and drafting various contractual agreements, including but not limited to: physician employment agreements; real estate agreements involving both large rural tracts of land and commercial facilities; oil and gas/mineral interests and land use issues; hunting lease agreements; franchisor/franchisee agreements; partnership agreements and LLC operating agreements; partnership dissolution agreements and agreements containing non-compete clauses; and asset purchase agreements.

If you need help drafting, negotiating or interpreting a written agreement, or have questions regarding its validity or a possible breach of your agreement, contact the Law Office of Brock Benson to make an appointment today.