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Attorneys Bring Financial Advisors and CPAs into Planning

Posted on by Brock Benson

Estate planning involves more than just sitting down with an attorney and drafting a Will. Yes, the Will is the foundation of a basic estate plan, but a comprehensive estate plan prepared by a qualified estate planning law firm, Benson Law, PLLC, involves consultation with the client’s Financial Advisor and CPA to address all of the client’s financial planning needs. What asset(s) comprise the bulk of the estate, and how will they be transferred? Who are the beneficiaries of the client’s contractual (non-probate) assets? Is there life insurance, and who are the beneficiaries? Will the client’s family need liquid assets upon the client’s death? Does the client own real estate in one or more states? Does the size or nature of the client’s estate warrant advanced estate tax planning?

All of these questions, and more, will be addressed when you make your appointment to meet with Mr. Benson to formulate your estate plan. Benson Law, PLLC prefers to work with clients and their Financial Advisors and CPAs to ensure that clients understand their planning options and to ensure that all of the clients’ needs and wishes are met.

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